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This company is an IT company,
an app developer whose primary responsibilities
include creating, testing and programming
various software products,
apps for computers, mobile phones, and
tablets for own business and
as an outsourcer for other developers.

About us

We make technologies work for you.

Whether it’s internal applications used by organisations, business-to-business systems or customer-facing websites, we love digging into your business processes, finding ways to improve your operations, and then building beautiful, easy-to-use applications to achieve it.

We embrace agile development principles and working in close and continuous contact with the customer every step of the way to ensure the perfect solution is achieved in the quickest time possible.

We strive for long-term partnerships - a good system is never finished. Business processes evolve, new technologies emerge, and everyday users always have feedback. We’ll keep on working with you to keep you on the cutting edge.


We are highly proficient in iOS, Android, and HTML5 app development, so we can make a great one for you, too. Once again, the complexity of the job and the corresponding challenge only make it better.

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Wonderatti. We are a development company.

OÜ Wonderatti
Registration number: 16535387
Estonia, Tallinn, Pohja-Tallinna linnaosa, Kopli tn 27, 10412